All optical computing elements using a phase change material

Image from Licence Details: All optical computing elements using a phase change material

Applications: Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Memory

Features Benefits
  • Is a fully optical system.
  • The energy requirements to run an optical system are far lower than for the same number of electrical connections. And the amount of information that can be transmitted simultaneously is far higher optically. Overall making a more efficient system to run at high speeds.
  • Can connect to existing electronic or optical computing circuitry.
  • Can be integrated into existing devices.
  • ‘Learns’ associations between optical inputs to alter operations and outputs, mimicking neuro-biological learning. The training process involves storing information on a phase change material.
  • Switching of biostable structural states of a PCM replaces the large number of electrical connections to do the same work electronically. Has been shown to ‘learn’ pattern and image recognition very efficiently.
  • Optical on-chip matrix that creates photonic content addressable memory.
  • Using wavelength division multiplexing with distinct optical wavelengths, one can run parallel search operations for faster data retrieval.

To learn more see: Seeing the light: researchers develop new AI system using light to learn associatively | University of Oxford


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