OUI’s Incubator welcomes a new Cohort of start-up companies into the fold

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24th January 2024

The Start-up Incubator fosters entrepreneurship skills amongst the University of Oxford's students and staff.

Launched in 2010, OUI has supported well over 150 ventures to date. This year we have two more training programmes you can engage with. If you have an idea, the OUI team can help you to develop products or services and begin to trade without external investment. 

We’ve kicked off 2024 with 22 fantastic companies that have successfully started Phase I of our Start-up Incubator training programme. Get some inspiration to innovate and join the programme by discovering some of the highlights from the latest cohort. 

Adalat AI

The team are developing AI and Large Language Module (LLM) powered technological solutions to courts and judicial systems in India and other developing countries to tackle widespread backlogs and delays. To prove the solutions, Adalat is currently piloting an AI-based voice transcription software that supports court stenographers with typing witness depositions, examinations and cross-examinations, orders dictated in court, and judgments prepared in chambers in partnership with different courts in India. Unlike other transcription services, that are expensive and generic, the Adalat tech will be tailored on a rich glossary of legal terms and Indian pronunciations and targeted for court usage. Judicial delays could be dramatically reduced and more cases closed.   

Owen Jules

There are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss. OwenJules LLC (formerly ‘Appliqué’) is a startup on a mission to create an AI-powered widget for enhancing website navigation for visually impaired users across websites. The widget helps with accessibility features, such as text resizing and summarising key product details into screen readers, that enable visually impaired buyers to make better purchasing decisions. We’re excited to see how the technology evolves with testing and user feedback to help the visually impaired find and buy what they need more easily online. 

Bespoke Sensor Applications

Obtaining data from sensors in remote locations can be difficult because of a lack of power and communication. In remote locations, you cannot simply connect a sensor to a power supply and, in addition, there may not be a WiFi connection available for communication. Bespoke Sensor Applications (BSA) was launched with specialists in sensors using solar and mobile networks who wanted to develop a device to provide power and communications to sensors, enabling sensors to be placed in remote locations. With minor tweaks, the device can be modified to work with a large variety of sensors. Watch this space for more applications and field testing results. 

BR -ai

BR-ai builds predictive financial, legal, policy and strategy software for institutional investors. The team uses machine learning and advanced game theory algorithms for company analysis and determining optimal strategies in corporate transactions and distress scenarios. This framework is connected to fine-tuned large language models, which together create advanced real-time AI tools for the most complex negotiation and bargaining scenarios. A partnership between Mika Lehtimäki and Sara Kantolinna from the University of Aberdeen who plan to utilise the Incubator’s support to take their software overseas and also gear-up for a journey from tech concept to real world impact.

Langwith Research

Langwith Research is a UK-based company that uses artificial intelligence to conduct large-scale qualitative research, specialising in interviews and surveys. The team collects and analyses qualitative data for clients using an AI-powered digital assistant capable of carrying out interviews over messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram. The assistant has dynamic conversations with participants, asking follow-up questions based on the respondent’s answers, and it can receive voice messages as well as texts.  Analysis of the data uncovers trends which are shared with clients to inform their future strategic and operational decisions. Look out for a WhatsApp survey on your cell phone soon!

You heard it here first – the full list of new start-up companies we’re supporting at the OUI Incubator. 

Adalat AI



Bespoke Sensor Applications

BR -ai 


Equine Match


Langwith Research

Learning Platform for Business Management 

Medics Connect 


Owen Jules


Project ALT 




Taahirah App

Tangibol Supply Chain Solutions

TeachPro Resource Creator 

With Purpose

For further information, please read our Startup Incubator guidelines booklet and complete an application form and send to incubator@innovation.ox.ac.uk

If you’d like to support the programme in other ways through funding, investing or mentoring, please contact Cath Spence and Clara Rittscher to arrange a meeting with the Incubator team. Email catherine.spence@innovation.ox.ac.uk and clara.rittscher@innovation.ox.ac.uk.

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