The Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS)

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Up to now, no short efficient cognitive screening tool was available that targets stroke survivors. The OCS (Oxford Cognitive Screen) can be delivered at the bedside in acute stroke, is easy to administer and score and is inclusive for patients with aphasia and neglect. It returns a visual snapshot of a patient’s cognitive profile which summarizes performance across 5 cognitive domains.

Scoring System

The OCS is supported by a comprehensive user manual. The summary can be downloaded in Dossier Extracts section.


Administering the OCS

1.  Why use the Oxford Cognitive Screen, what are the principles and how are the different cognitive domains assessed ?

2. How to use the Oxford Cognitive Screen : how to assess, move the papers around and ask questions: a demonstration.

Remote administration:

3. How to score and interpret the Oxford Cognitive Screen. Tasks by task typical responses and troubleshooting followed by how to interpret and how to report using the OCS visual snapshot ‘wheel of cognition’.



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