The OUI Startup Incubator was opened in 2011 to help build small businesses from great ideas. We work with current and former Members of the University to support the journey from drawing board to board room.

The Startup Incubator runs a full programme of support from ideation to incorporation and beyond. Our phase 2 companies are working to  develop a minimum viable product or service; phase 3 companies are our ‘graduates’.

If you want to know more about any of the companies below please contact us and we’d be happy to put you in touch. Full details of our programme can be found here

Phase 2 - Active Incubation

Drug discovery through gene technologies.

Incorporated in January 2019

Support from: Santander

Test for h-pylori.

Incorporated in February 2019

Support from: Santander

Idea to generate feed stock for two key industries from a new source.

Incorporated in August 2018

Support from: Santander

Addresses the opioid overdose epidemic through autonomous and safe Naloxone delivery in drug users.

Incorporated in February 2019

Quantifying Critical Thinking.

Incorporated in April 2019

Support from: Santander

Charity Savings Bank Box Project.

Incorporated in June 2019

Real time messaging platform composable with AI-enabled overlays that augment the experience.

Incorporated in January 2020

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