Pilio: energy management with scientific integrity

Image from Success Story: Pilio:  energy management with scientific integrity

UK businesses waste £129 million per year on energy, according to The Carbon Trust. Oxford start-up Pilio has helped hundreds of clients, including Whitbread, the YMCA, and the Royal Albert Hall, to understand and manage their energy consumption.

Catherine Bottrill, CEO of Pilio, says: “Businesses don’t know how to achieve those savings.  All the information can be overwhelming.  Reducing energy consumption requires the right analytic tools.  That’s where Pilio can help”

Pilio’s software, developed at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, enables clients to visualise energy use, to identify peaks, toughs and abnormalities.

Bottrill says “Pilio is rigorous and scientific.   When evaluating energy efficiency, our software takes into account the size and type of buildings, and the weather.

“Weather is really important, but it’s often overlooked by managers because the data is difficult to access and analyse.  Pilio has world-wide weather data .  That means we can compare buildings in colder and warmer environments, fairly.”

Pilio also works with clients to develop realistic energy management strategies, tailored to their priorities.

The venture received support from Oxford University’s Oxford University Innovation and Climate KIC, the EUs main climate innovation initiative.

Bottrill says “At Pilio, we believe in the ‘butterfly effect’ – small changes can have a big impact.  We help businesses to make small changes that will have a big impact on energy consumption”.

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