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Oxford University Innovation manages the University’s intellectual property portfolio, working with University researchers on identifying, protecting and marketing technologies through licensing of intellectual property.

We file around 100 new patent applications each year, manage a portfolio of over 2,000 patents and existing applications, market several hundred technologies available for licensing and successfully negotiate around 100 license agreements with partners each year.

We license technologies to companies who invest in developing and selling products in a timely and ethical manner. Encouragingly, over 50% of the recent licensing agreements that we sign were with spin-outs, start-ups, micro companies or SMEs, thereby enabling small, high-growth potential companies to access world-class innovations.

We seek commercial partners from all technology and business sectors, wherever they are located.

Our licensees are based all around the world, confirming the global reach and impact of the University’s innovations on the global stage.

The majority of our licensing agreements are signed with European organizations (including UK), although substantial numbers are also signed with North American companies.

One in five recent licensing agreements was signed with local companies, helping to generate greater economic benefits in the Oxford region.

A growing number of licensing deals are being signed with companies in Asia, resulting from our strategy to open offices in this region.

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