Technology transfer process

The technology transfer process begins with completion of an invention record by a researcher and then follows the route below.

Steps in the above image are described:

  1. Obtain the IP Patents and Licence booklet from Oxford University Innovation; visit our website; contact us and be put in contact with a Technology Transfer Manager.

  2. Complete Invention Record Form.

  3. Complete IP/1 and IP/2 forms and return to us.

  4. We register the project and send IP forms to Research Services for checking and assignment of University rights.

  5. Oxford University Innovation, together with the inventor, assesses patentability and commercial value. Should it be patented?

  6. If ‘no’, we explain alternative strategies.

  7. If ‘yes’, we instruct patent attorney to draft patent application.

  8. Patent attorney drafts patent application. The Technology Transfer Manager and Inventor approve it.

  9. UK patent filed.

  10. Minimum of 30 days for a general marketing launch and Oxford University Innovation Society marketing launch.

  11. We liaise with inventor(s) and reviews options.

  12. We enter into discussions and negotiations with interested parties.

  13. We negotiate and conclude the Licence agreement.

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