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An innovation community: Oxford

9th November 2015
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Outside London, it is arguable that no other region has had more of an effect on the evolution of the UK than Oxford. From custodians of the English language to leaders of the country, Oxford has continued to have a major impact on the shape and destiny of the British people.

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Spinout First Light Fusion raises £22.7m

17th August 2015
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First Light Fusion, spun out from the University of Oxford with help from Oxford University Innovation, has raised £22.7m million to develop process for achieving practical and affordable fusion energy.

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Google Ventures, Charles Dunstone back Oxford Sciences Innovation fund

23rd June 2015
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Oxford Sciences Innovation, which will provide capital and scaling expertise to Oxford spinouts, has now raised £320m from investors including billionaire Charles Dunstone, who launched Carphone Warehouse, and Google Ventures.

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Oxford professors’ technology used to assess foetal heartbeats for over 35 years

21st May 2015
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Every expectant mother is familiar with the “Sonicaid” – a hand-held monitor used to “hear” the foetal heart beat, monitoring the baby’s health and detecting any early signs of distress in pregnancy.   What many don’t realise is that the technology used in some of the “Sonicaid” range of fetal monitors includes the comprehensive heartbeat and fetal movement (cardiotocograph or CTG) analytics developed and refined by University of Oxford Professors Geoffrey Dawes and Christopher Redman.

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Oxford and Cambridge spin-outs pitch to investors

19th May 2015
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The first ever event for investors to learn about prospective spin-out companies from both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge was held at the London Stock Exchange last week.

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Oxford’s silicon spire dreams grow

27th April 2015
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Roy Azoulay of the Isis Software Incubator offers an update on Oxford's startup successes in 2015 in TechCityInsider.

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