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Entering the quantum era

19th March 2024
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The world’s most powerful computer hasn’t yet been built – but we have the blueprint, says the team behind Oxford spinout Quantum Dynamics.

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The A-Day: developing the next generation of supplements

13th March 2024
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Everyone loves hearing The A-Day’s origin story. Helping out at the infamous ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, a group of Oxford University postgraduate students saw first-hand the widespread issues of malnutrition and dental disease among refugees.

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Catalysing innovation: Oxford Innovation Society unveils a new programme

23rd January 2024
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Oxford University Innovation announces the much-anticipated relaunch of the Oxford Innovation Society (OIS). With an ambitious 12-month programme of events, OIS aims to fortify connections between Oxford’s companies, investors, industry partners and the vibrant Oxford entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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