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NaturalMotion Will Revolutionise Computer Animation

5th May 2003
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NaturalMotion Ltd, which combines biology with computer science to create realistic and interactive character animation for games, films and simulations, has been launched as Oxford University's newest spin-out company.

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Oxford ArchDigital Archaeology

10th April 2003
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Oxford ArchDigital Archaeology, a spin-out company from the University of Oxford, has been chosen to deliver the new Finds Management Software for the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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OxLoc Asset Alert Solutions

2nd April 2003
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On 17th March 2003, OxLoc Ltd announced the launch of the Asset Alert for monitoring condition and location of goods in transit and advising the customer of any problems by a text or e-mail alert. The autonomous tag is self powered with its own battery and can be located easily on an asset or container without expensive installation.

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Isis at Venturefest 2003

1st April 2003
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Venturefest, Oxford's International Fair for Entrepreneurs, will be held 23 & 24 June 2003 at Unipart Group of Companies, Oxford.

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VASTox: First Spin-out of 2003

30th March 2003
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VASTox Ltd, Isis' first spin-out company of 2003, was launched in February from the University of Oxford's Chemistry Department.

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InhibOx Drug Discovery Launched in Oxford

1st February 2003
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Oxford University's latest spin-out is the drug-discovery company InhibOx Ltd, which uses advanced computational methods to carry out in silico screening on a massive scale to discover new leads for drugs quickly and cost-effectively. Initial projects are focused on cancer research, though other indications will be added in due course.

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Glycoform Ltd to Improve on Drug Delivery

10th January 2003
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Oxford University's latest spin-out company is the drug delivery and glycoprotein specialist Glycoform Ltd, which uses expertise in identifying novel carbohydrate - cell surface receptor- binding properties to develop unique drug targeting systems.

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