Diabetes Health Profile (DHP)

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The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) is a multidimensional, diabetes-specific, patient self-report outcome measure of the psychological and behavioural impact of living with diabetes. Oxford University Innovation Limited is exclusively licensed to grant permissions to use the DHP.

Diabetes health questionnaire

The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) assesses the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning. The DHP was designed to measure the impact of diabetes in a variety of settings, from clinical practice, population surveys to clinical trials, it is simple to complete and score.

Patient reported outcomes for diabetes patients

The DHP-1 (32 questions) measures psychological distress, barriers to activity and disinhibited eating and it is suitable for use with people with Type 1 diabetes. The DHP-18 (18 questions) measures the same three constructs as the DHP-1, but can be used with people with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Both measures are appropriate for people age 11 years and older.

The DHP has proven psychometric and operational performance and distinct advantages over other diabetes PROs when measuring psychological and behavioural impact on those living with diabetes.

The DHP-3D and DHP-5D are preference-based measures that can be used to generate utility values in order to produce Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs). They are diabetes-specific preference-based measures, developed to be able to generate utility values for people with diabetes. DHP-3D utility values can be generated using data collected using the Diabetes Health Profile-18. DHP-5D utility values require some additional data collection.

Validity and measurement properties

With proven psychometric and operational performance the DHP has a number of distinct advantages over other diabetes-specific patient reported outcome measures when assessing the psychological and behavioural impact of living with diabetes. These include:

  • A clearly defined conceptual framework of the measurement model which conforms to the FDA’s Final guidance for Industry on the development and use of patient reported outcome measures
  • The measurement of dysfunctional eating behaviour – which, despite its importance in the management of diabetes, is absent in other scales
  • Content reported by patients as highly relevant to living with diabetes
  • Norm referenced database and MID’s
  • The objective of the DHP is to identify psychological and behavioural dysfunctioning in insulin-dependent and insulin-requiring patients in ambulatory care.

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Using the DHP

The DHP is a short, easy to use questionnaire benefitting from:

  • The use of straight forward language and simple phrasing
  • Simple scoring algorithm

The DHP is supported by a comprehensive user manual. The manual can be provided to licensees from the Clinical Outcomes team. Please get in touch with us via healthoutcomes@innovation.ox.ac.uk.

Further information on all aspects of using the DHP can be found on the Diabetes Health Profile.

The DHP is available in a number of administration modes including: paper-pencil; face-to-face interviews; hand held, tablet, interactive voice response (IVR) and web based.

An up to date list of the translations available for the DHP can be found in Dossier Extracts section. Details of the methodology used to translate and linguistically validate these available translations of the DHP are available on request.

For further information on the DHPs (including FAQ’s) and assistance in deciding which DHP you require please refer to the Health Outcomes Insights website. Further expert advice on the use, scoring and analysis of the DHP is available from the developer on request. The suite of services to assist users in the interpretation and translation of Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) data into real knowledge and actionable insight is available on request. Our services include:

  • Suitability of the DHP for your diabetes study
  • Translation and linguistic validation of the DHP for your study territories
  • ePRO’s
  • Interpreting DHP outcome data
  • General statistical support and advice e.g. power calculations, analysis
  • Access to the DHP norm referenced scores
  • Report and manuscript development
  • Unique data presentation and communication services

Study managers considering using the DHP as part of study to measure the impact of living with diabetes should read this Living with Diabetes The Diabetes Health Profile: DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION presentation (available in Useful links section).

If you represent a healthcare provider interested in assessing and gathering patient information to inform the consultation and improve the service delivered, to better meet the needs of diabetes patients, then you should read document about the Diabetes Profile Care Programme (available in Useful links section).

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Administration Methods

The DHP is to date validated for pen and paper completion. Careful migration to a digital delivery format (for example screen based device) can be authorised. Please contact us for advice.

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