Diabetes Self Management Technology Questionnaire (DSMT-Q)

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The Diabetes Self-Management and Technology Questionnaire (DSMT-Q) is a patient reported measure that has been developed to assess self-management among people living with type 2 diabetes who use web-based and mHealth technologies. Available to use in two versions (web-based and mHealth technologies users and non-users).


The DSMT-Q includes 13 questionnaire items over two sub-scales. Understanding individual health and making informed decisions (7 items) and Confidence to reach and sustain goals (6 items).

The DSMT-Q has been developed with both patient and expert input and can be used in a range of applied settings. Whilst the questionnaire has been designed to ensure relevance to people living with type 2 diabetes who are using web-based and mHealth technologies, items are also applicable to those who are not using technology to manage their health. As such, this instrument may be used in a variety of contexts where a comparator group receives standard care or non–technology-based resources.

This tool is fully compliant with relevant regulatory bodies, such as the FDA and EMA and has shown good psychometric properties.

Design and development

The content of the DSMT-Q was informed by an initial study that undertook in-depth qualitative interviews (n=15) with people living with type 2 diabetes in order to explore experiences of using web-based and mHealth technologies to manage their health. On completion of the interviews, 36 items were developed and refined following  cognitive debrief interviews with people living with type 2 diabetes, expert consultation, and public patient involvement (PPI) feedback. Item reduction steps were performed on survey data (n=250), and psychometric validation of the remaining candidate items using appropriate quantitative methods were carried out. The two subscales identified via the study show high construct validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability. The validation phase was conducted entirely via electronic COA means (eCOA).

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Scoring system

A scoring guide is available for researchers. This includes sub scale calculations. Individual item responses are coded from 0-4 with a score ranging from 0 to 100 where a lower score indicates lower self-management.

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Administration Methods

Available to use in two versions (web-based and mHealth technologies users and web-based and mHealth technologies non-users), for electronic completion.

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Complimentary Measures

Due to its focus on the use of technology to aid self-management, the DSMT-Q can be usefully integrated with other measures of self-management or quality of life for people with type 2 diabetes. In our portfolio, for instance, the HASMID, a mixed health related quality of life and self-management instrument, and the DHP, which measures the impact of diabetes 1 and 2 on the behaviour and psychology of patients.

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