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Impact Report 2023 – Oxford’s Impact Odyssey

12th October 2023
A comprehensive analysis of OUI and Oxford companies delivering social, environmental, and economic impact and positive change in the world. (PDF, 4 MB)

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Consulting Services at Oxford University Innovation

4th February 2019
Oxford University Consulting Services guide to working with organisations across many different sectors to solve a variety of different challenges. (PDF, 5 MB)

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Oxford Technology Showcase 2015 brochure

8th July 2015
Highlighting the Oxford University Innovation & Oxford AHSN Technology Showcase 2015 agenda. Intended to give colleagues in industry and business an insight into the fascinating range of medical technologies from Oxford. (PDF, 1MB)

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Impacts 2016

18th July 2016
Featuring a number of technologies arising from Oxford University research that are creating a huge impact of 21st Century lives. (PDF, 1 MB)

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Engineering Science brochure

12th May 2015
Highlighting recent technology transfer successes between Oxford University Innovation and Department of Engineering Science. (PDF 562 kB)

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Startup Incubator brochure

19th July 2016

We help you tailor the support you need to fit the specific challenges of your new venture.

The Startup Incubator is free and aimed at members and ex-members of the University of Oxford wanting to start or grow technology ventures.

(PDF, 3MB)

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Oxford University Challenge Seed Fund 10 year report

31st December 2009

UCSF report 1999–2009

The Oxford University Seed Fund was established in 1999. This report celebrates its first successful 10 years.

(PDF, 1MB)

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Economic Impact of Oxford University Innovation’s Commercialisation Activity

6th February 2014

Report outlining analysis undertaken by BiGGAR Economics to assess the economic impact of Isis' commercialisation activity

(PDF, 567KB)

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Economic Impact

15th March 2014

Demonstrating the economic impact of Oxford University Innovation’s activities commercialising research and technology from the University of Oxford

(PDF, 2MB)

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