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Oxford startup Prolific takes on Amazon

2nd March 2017
All News | Spinouts & Startups | Startup Incubator

New research supports the Oxford University Incubator startup’s challenge to Amazon Mechanical Turk’s dominance in sourcing participants for social science studies.

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Oxford’s billion-dollar startup founders

8th February 2017
All News | Spinouts & Startups

Following research showing Oxford University has produced more founders of billion-dollar startups than any other institution in Europe, Oxford University Innovation’s Gregg Bayes-Brown takes a closer look at the founders, their ties to Oxford, and the companies they’ve launched.

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OxSonics raises £9.4m in series B equity financing

9th January 2017
All News | Financial News | Spinouts & Startups

OxSonics, an Oxford University spinout established in 2013 to develop ultrasound therapeutics, has secured £9.4m in series B equity financing, bringing its total external fundraising to £14.2m.

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Oxford most prolific university innovator in Europe

9th January 2017
All News | Financial News | Spinouts & Startups | Technology News

Oxford University Innovation launches 24 companies in 2016 with a combined £52.6m in early stage funding, setting a new record in spinout generation for the UK and Europe.

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