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Oxford University Innovation has formed two joint ventures with local government partners and Oxford alumni in China. The two joint venture companies are Oxford University Innovation Technology Transfer (Changzhou) Co., Limited, and Oxford University Innovation Technology Transfer (Suzhou) Co., Limited. OUI Changzhou and OUI Suzhou work together to operate across the Jiangsu province and Shanghai City region. The organization provides a local point of contact for enquiries on all Oxford University Innovation activities from individuals located in China.

OUI Suzhou and OUI Changzhou

The vision of OUI Suzhou and OUI Changzhou is to create an innovation ecosystem in China, which coordinates with the ecosystem in Oxford. OUI Suzhou and OUI Changzhou have been establishing networks in China. The networks include governments, investors, research institutes, universities, high-tech companies and commercial platforms. The main function of OUI’s joint ventures are to facilitate international technology transfers between China and the rest of the world; both incoming and outgoing technology.  Since 2012 the joint ventures have been working closely with Oxford companies and Chinese organisations. We work alongside the parties to assist in negotiation of distribution, joint development, licensing or investment deals. As the results, several spinouts have achieved investments and collaborations with Chinese partners.

OUI Suzhou and OUI Changzhou’s mission is to support Oxford researchers and experts’ commercialisation activities in China. The team have delivered desk researches and deal diligent works for research teams in Oxford. Our joint ventures aspire to be the commercialisation gateway of Oxford University and China.


Adam Workman

Head of Investments and New Ventures

E: adam.workman@innovation.ox.ac.uk

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