Jordan Ramsey

My combined passions for cutting-edge life sciences research, business, and creating impact have found a home here at OUI. Where else could I get the first insights into a new invention, meet potential partners to bring inventions to market, and help academics create a pitch for their new venture – all in the same day?

My portfolio focuses broadly on digital health innovations – including new methods of monitoring patients and supporting clinical decision-making, using biomarkers to support patient diagnosis and treatment, and improving maternal and fetal health. However, I enjoy regularly getting out of my comfort zone and am always ready to take on a new and challenging project.

I bring with me a broad background of career experiences, having worked at spin-outs in Oxford and Cambridge and at management consulting firm Bain & Company in London. Prior to this I completed a PhD in Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (with a biomedical option) in Canada.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, young son, and our cocker spaniel. I enjoy travel and whenever possible we head to Canada, where I grew up, to see family and friends.

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