How to get involved with our social ventures.

All of our social venture companies will welcome help and assistance in fulfilling their social purpose. If you can offer:

  • Advice
  • Expertise
  • Funding and/or investment
  • Connections

we’d like to speak to you. Our social ventures cover the whole spectrum of research undertaken at the University of Oxford including Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Science & Engineering. They are almost always research-backed interventions, in that the idea has already been tested, peer-reviewed and shown to work, and they are looking to scale up delivery of that intervention more widely.

The products our social ventures offer range from medical devices and technology through to social service delivery and training. These products can be offered anywhere in the world, and our social ventures are looking for organisations to partner up with to deliver those interventions as widely as possible.

If you think you can help our social ventures in any way, contact our team and we’d be delighted to speak to you.

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