Innovation Champions

The OUI Innovation Champions programme

We work with divisional and departmental colleagues to determine how best this scheme can support their specific activities and needs. While being focused on OUI-related activities, it also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of other parts of the University’s innovation ecosystem, and contribute to the further development of a culture of innovation.

A full list of OUI Innovation Champions can be found below.

The role of OUI Innovation Champions

Innovation Champions help to improve the landscape for innovation and entrepreneurial activities in their departments. Precise roles vary between divisions and departments, depending on the types of activities most likely to arise from each. While some inherent flexibility is therefore necessary, the following core components are common to all:

  • Innovation Champions all have first hand experience of OUI services and act as a first point of contact for colleagues interested in commercialising their ideas or expertise, or developing links with industry, whether through consulting or research collaboration.
  • They provide initial advice and mentoring to their colleagues (of all levels of seniority, including students) and are responsible for ensuring their colleagues understand who to contact in OUI when they have an enquiry.
  • They are a valuable interface between the departmental staff and colleagues in OUI.
  • They are recognised as having a distinct and valued role in inculcating a vibrant entrepreneurial and innovative culture in their department.

The Innovation Champions are invited to termly meetings to share experiences, best practice and learn more about the various routes to creation of impact from research through commercialisation or social enterprise. They will also be invited to various other events and seminars through the year where they will meet colleagues connected to the innovation ecosystem in diverse ways, and the champions themselves will also form a valuable support network for each other.

If your department does not currently have an OUI Innovation Champion and you would be interested in appointing one, please contact Bethany Bonwick at OUI to discuss further.


Victoria McGuinness

TORCH Business Manager, TORCH (Humanities)

Prof Kirsten Shepherd-Barr

Professor of English and Theatre Studies, Faculty of English & TORCH

Dr Abhirup Banerjee

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Prof Jeroen Bergmann

Associate Professor of Engineering Science, Engineering Science

Dr Ian Griffiths

Royal Society University Research Fellow, Mathematical Institute

Prof Peter Ireland

Chair in Turbomachinery, Engineering Science

Dr Yige Sun

Postdoc researcher; University of Oxford, MPLS division Enterprise and Innovatio...

Dr Phillip Tait

Innovation and Enterprise Manager, Physics

Prof Laura Rival

Professor of Anthropology of Development

Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva

Associate Professor and Senior Researcher, Anthropology

Prof Ana Domingos

Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genet...

Dr Teresa Lambe

PI/Senior Scientist, Nuffield Department of Medicine

Dr Susannah Murphy

Senior Research Fellow, Psychiatry

Dr Chris Paton

Group Head, Global Health Informatics, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global H...

Dr Sonja Pawelczyk

Institute Administrator Botnar Research Centre, NDORMS

Dr Phi Ahn Phan

Research Fellow, Clinical Neurosciences

Dr Laura Young

Career Development Lecturer, Department of Experimental Psychology

Dr Qiang Zhang

BHF Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research, Cardiovascula...

Dr Michael Moss

Alumni Careers Programme Manager, The Careers Service

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