Collaboration Program for the Endometriosis Health Profile (EHP)

The Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation are seeking collaborations with users of our leading PRO measure for Endometriosis, the Endometriosis Health Profile (the EHP). The collaboration program will seek to collate anonymised EHP data for researchers to access and use to compare with their own EHP results. We are especially interested in EHP datasets where certain complimentary information has been captured with the EHP PRO results. In this way we hope to be able to evaluate EHP data in the following manner:-


i)   a distribution map, mean value etc. of endometriosis patients for each item/question,

ii)  analysis of responses by age, severity, region and other relevant groupings

iii)  comparison by ethnicity (Asian, American/European)


If you would be interested learning more about this InSpired Works project, either as a contributor, user or both, then please do contact the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation –


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