Delivering closed-loop deep brain stimulation using multiple electrodes

Image from Licence Details: Delivering closed-loop deep brain stimulation using multiple electrodes

Applications: Closed loop neuromodulation systems.

Current closed loop DBS systems fail to address how applying stimulation to multiple regions can affect treatment. This invention has the potential to enable delivery of closed loop DBS which accounts for activity in multiple brain regions.

Features Benefits
  • Utilises signals extracted from multiple brain regions in a closed-loop DBS strategy
  • Provides a better understanding of the physiological state of a patient and enables the construction of more accurate feedback signals which better correlate with their symptoms
  • Uses multiple stimulating electrodes to deliver closed-loop DBS
  • Allows multiple brain regions to be better targeted, potentially leading to more effective treatment with less energy usage and fewer side effects
  • Can predict whether multi-contact/multi-electrode stimulation is likely to be effective for a given patient
  • Ensures that our closed-loop system is only used as a treatment option for patients who are most likely to benefit from it
  • Using well-established models of neural circuits, we have demonstrated our system to be more effective at desynchronising pathological activity than existing closed-loop DBS methods
  • May provide more effective treatment for patients with certain neurological disorders and solves the complexity problem of tuning multi-electrode DBS systems
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