Flexographic print plate technology for roll-to-roll printing process

Image from Licence Details: Flexographic print plate technology for roll-to-roll printing process


Applications: Flexible electronics, semiconductors, packaging films


Features Benefits
  • Novel flexographic print plates
  • High-throughput, large area printing onto flexible substrates
  • Vacuum deposition technique used to produce coated layer (e.g. metal)
  • Easy to retrofit into existing manufacturing facilities
  • Prospect of ~10 nm resolution =  1000x higher resolution*
  • Deposition of wide-ranging materials onto flexible substrates.  Can produce a vast array of electronic components
  • Plates do not deform pattern with use*
  • Print smaller patterning, more complex circuitry
  • Cheaper and faster to produce*
  • Saves time and money
  • Quick & easy print plate design changes
  • Reduces lead times for new designs
  • No chemical etchants​
  • No high temperatures
  • Safer, more environmentally friendly and cheaper production*

*Compared to topographic profile print plates​


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