Spatially patterned polymer dispersed liquid crystal film

Image from Licence Details: Spatially patterned polymer dispersed liquid crystal film

Applications: Smart Glass, Displays, Holographic Gratings, Light Valves.

Features Benefits
  • Allows polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films to be patterned at micron-level resolution, creating PDLC ‘pixels.’
  • Can easily make bespoke on-demand patterns, designs and motifs on smart glass, holographs, displays, etc.
  • Uses a drop on demand inkjet printing process to deposit the PDLC pixels at precise locations and with precise volumes.
  • The technology is extremely efficient and easily scalable.
  • Doesn’t require pre-fabricated masks.
  • PDLC pixels can made using different liquid crystal formulations.
  • Allows visually appealing artistic designs.
  • Can easily be adapted to roll-to-roll manufacturing on a production line system.
  • Can lead to a reduction in PDLC panel fabrication costs.
  • Dynamic control of the pixels’ transparency, between opaque and transmissive states, upon application of a voltage.
  • Designs, motifs and other information, such as company logos or advertising, can be added and removed with an applied voltage.

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