Improving diabetes care

29th December 2017

OUI's Clinical Outcomes team launches diabetes-focused care programme which captures the patient's view to aid care providers in tailoring interventions to the individual’s needs.

The impact of living with diabetes can be a major challenge to the patient and their family. Not only can this result in poor adherence to therapy, but lead to reduced well-being and mental health, hospitalisation, and restriction in daily living.

The Diabetes Profile Care Programme (DPCP) uniquely collates patient information into a single integrated assessment. The DPCP captures the key information in order for care providers to design and implement tailor made interventions that meet the emotional and behavioural needs and priorities of people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. By combining information such as relevant personal information, medical history, mental health and well-being alongside the standardised Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measure, the DCPC uniquely delivers a personalised assessment of living with diabetes. This information then allows care providers to:

  • Offer customised support based on individual patient presentation
  • Monitor outcomes and evaluate effectiveness of patient support programmes and other care interventions
  • Engage with patients in an informed manner to get a clearer understanding of their emotional needs and priorities
  • Monitor changes in patient needs and well-being.

This ultimately enables patients to be actively involved in the management and monitoring of their diabetes ideally resulting in improvement of quality of life and well-being.


The Diabetes Profile Care programme is available to licence from the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation. If you would like further information or permission to use the tool then please contact the Clinical Outcomes team:


Tel:- +44 (0)1865 614417



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