NERC and Isis Enterprise Work Together

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5th June 2006

The extension of the partnership between Oxford University Innovation and Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has been confirmed May 2006 with a programme agreed for a further years joint work.

Isis and NERC Collaborate

Isis Enterprise, part of Oxford University Innovation Ltd, Oxford University’s Technology Transfer Company, will continue to support the transfer of technology from NERC’s four wholly-owned research centres. Isis will work with NERC to increase licensing and create spinout companies from the council’s research base.

In the initial fifteen months which have just been completed the teams have developed a good joint understanding of NERC’s national research portfolio, there has been extensive internal marketing within NERC to raise awareness of commercialisation opportunities.  Isis staff are now firmly embedded in the NERC Commercialisation Team, providing day-to-day support and advice on general technology transfer issues and on specific commercialisation opportunities.  A particular success has been members of the NERC Commercialisation Team spending time at Isis, experiencing the detailed operations within Isis.

Both NERC and Isis have agreed new targets to ramp-up activity and develop the culture of commercialisation so that it is recognised across several sites and touches a wider audience beyond NERC.

Tim Cook – the Deputy Chair of Oxford University Innovation commented

“The partnership with NERC has made a strong start and we are delighted that it continues.  We have met staff at the 13 major sites of the four NERC Research Centres and are working with the centre Commercialisation to steadily build awareness of commercialisation opportunities across NERC”

Visit the Natural Environment Research Council website.

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