OxLoc and Reliance Monitoring Services

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10th November 2003

In a move to exploit its innovative location monitoring technology, OxLoc Ltd have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Reliance Monitoring Services, a member of the Reliance Security Group plc.

OxLoc and Reliance Monitoring Services

In field trials, OxLoc will provide their Asset Alert product, a unique self-powered miniature GPS-GSM module which can monitor condition and position in remote locations, to transmit information to Reliance Monitoring Services in support of a wide range of intended customer services including inventory management, security and recovery.

“Not only will customers know where assets are located and what they are doing, but have access to an information rich value added service to improve and optimise business processes. This is a further example of the OxLoc intention to rapidly exploit remote data acquisition and global data access technology,” said Keith Dobson, CEO of OxLoc.

OxLoc and Reliance Monitoring Services will work together to provide the very best in electronic monitoring services.

“We are expanding our electronic monitoring services into new markets, including high value mobile assets and are working with companies such as OxLoc to develop a solution to capture and transmit the data we need to create a new level of service for asset management and security. These services will provide an extension to our existing security markets and provide additional value added services for all potential customers and markets,” said Matt Hindhaugh, General Manager of Reliance Monitoring Services.

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