OxLoc Enters US Market

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10th May 2009

Devices Enable 24-hour Monitoring of Non-Powered Assets, Increased Asset Utilization and Efficiency, Visible Asset Management, Improved Security, and Minimized Theft/Damage/Loss for up to 3 years.

OxLoc Enters US Market

OXFORD, Oxfordshire; Basking Ridge, NJ – July  4th, 2005:  OxLoc Ltd – a UK- based supplier of  autonomous self-powered GPS asset tracking and monitoring technology  today announced an agreement with  US-based supply chain solutions company DP&C Enterprises.  DP&C will market the system to US companies with non powered assets such as containers, trailers, and rail freight,  to maximize asset utilization and security through 24 hour monitoring of location and condition leading to increased profits and quality control,   The first OxLoc80AL asset alert units were shipped to DP&C in June 2005 and will be launched in the US market later this year.

“We are proud that DP&C has chosen OxLoc to be their supplier of 21st century tracking and monitoring solutions for non-powered assets,” said Keith Dobson, CEO of OxLoc.  “We look forward to working closely with DP&C executives in introducing this important technology in not only the United States, but  for operation throughout the world.”

“Recent homeland/cargo security concerns compounded with the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace have required US and global leasing, shipping and logistics companies to invest in methods that improve their levels of asset management and security,” said Keith Spero,  President of DP&C.  “Critical to that investment is identifying and installing technologies that offer the ability to manage costs, minimize asset risk and loss and provide real-time asset tracking and maximize profits.  The OxLoc system provides those functionalities and more in an affordable, adaptable and user friendly interface – making it the ideal solution for the 21st century global shipping and leasing market.” Non-powered assets include cargo containers, rail cars, truck trailers and others.

About OxLoc Asset Alert

OxLoc Asset Alert is a line of innovative and affordable battery powered data collection products that provide asset management solutions where there is no access or limited access to a power source. Using battery powered hardware and web-based data access, assets can be monitored for location and condition for periods of up to 3 years without replacing or recharging the battery.

Working with OxLoc, freight, shipping and logistics companies can offer clients first-class quality control procedures that reduce loss from tampering, theft; temperature, humidity or impact damage; and misplaced stock or assets. Additionally, because OxLoc enables 24-hour real-time monitoring, the data can provide companies with valuable evidence that can be used in tracking assets and supporting insurance claims.

The secure server/web interface allows the user to manage, track and monitor assets from any global location. OxLoc Asset Alert products use GPS technology for location information and application-specific sensors for monitoring conditions. Wireless GSM technologies from all major networks are used for data transmission – ensuring the system will operate globally in any area with GSM coverage. There are no costly installation charges and the tracking unit can be re-deployed, minimizing recurring costs and investment in additional units.

The system was developed and is marketed by OxLoc Ltd with headquarters located at the Begbroke Business Park on the outskirts of Oxford, England.  For more information, visit www.oxloc.com

About DP&C Enterprises

DP&C Enterprises, LLC specializes in the creation and execution of customized 21st Century Supply Chain strategies. DP&C harmonizes the movement of material, information, and working capital across the entire supply chain while turning existing physical assets into profit centers. Whether expanding product lines, introducing a new product or undergoing an acquisition, DP&C can revolutionize operational facilities to ensure they are appropriately aligned for optimum growth, asset utilization and profit potential.  DP&C is also a provider of advanced technological products that can be fully integrated into the supply chain management infrastructure to maximize fleet management; track the transportation and storage of raw materials, in-process goods and finished products; and provides advanced asset protection services.  The company is headquartered in Basking Ridge, NJ.

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