Isis Outcomes Launches New Site

15th November 2010

Oxford, UK, Isis Outcomes, the Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) activity within Oxford University Innovation, has today launched its new website, Isis Outcomes is an activity within Technology Transfer at Oxford University Innovation Ltd, dedicated to the provision and support of the highest quality PROs for healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Rebranded as Isis Outcomes in April 2010, the PRO activity at Oxford University Innovation has been growing rapidly since 2005. Isis Outcomes is actively marketing and selling eight condition-specific PROs currently available and expects a further six to be available soon. The Isis Outcomes PRO portfolio continues to see strong growth in number of users and revenue. This growth is now supported by the new bespoke website which introduces new PRO measures, provides far greater information on the PROs available from Isis and allows for quick and easy licensing by prospective users.

PROs are increasingly being adopted by pharmaceutical companies to assess the effectiveness of drugs from the patient’s perspective; by healthcare providers to assess the outcomes of surgical or other interventions and by academic researchers involved in measuring the benefits of healthcare provision.

Apart from licensing the use of its PROs, Isis Outcomes activities also offers a range of related services supporting the Oxford PROs such as the development of user manuals, assistance with translations, provision of expert consultancy advice from world-class PRO developers/users, and the development of alternative PRO deployment methods, such as web-based delivery and response capture.

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